How to Search for a Trademark in the UAE?

Entering foreign markets requires data. From the know-how about the local industry, to the knowledge about the available trademarks. The latter is especially tricky – you do not know the language, yet you need to verify whether your company or product name is available. However, there are ways to find that out. So, how to search for a trademark in the UAE? Find out by reading this article.

Why should you search and register your trademark in the UAE?

The market in the United Arab Emirates is expanding rapidly. Even if your company is not considering entering this country right now, it might be the desired step in a couple of years. Yet, what if somebody anticipates you and completes a similar trademark registration in the UAE before you do? Your company will probably end up paying extra to have it back or will be forced to choose a different name for the product.

How to perform trademark search in the UAE?

There are many companies that will help you both with trademark registration and trademark search in the UAE. Some of them require contact, other allow you to use their free search service. It is the safest way to find your trademark or register it; you won’t be restricted by language barriers, and you will be in the hands of professionals experienced in the UAE trademark registration procedures.

Depending on the company, the search might or might not be free. Registration services usually require paying a fee for your service provider, and always include an official UAE trademark registration fee.

The takeaway

The best way to search for a trademark in the United Arab Emirates is with the help of professional companies. Some of them may even offer this service free of charge. Find and register your trademark even if you are just considering entering the UAE market – it might save you time and revenue in the future.

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